smallman – Камък (Stone)
Smallman is a Bulgarian ethno-alternative band. With its dark atmosphere, heavy, slow riffs, beautiful native bagpipe melodies and the whole dark-alternative background, the guys provide original and passionate music.

Smallman recorded a new song called "Камък" (in bulgarian – "Stone"). We were involved in the project to help with the visual side of it.
The shooting time lasted day and a half.
Below you can see the video itself, some screenshots and backstage.

We would be happy to see your thoughts.
Music by smallman
Mixed by Todor Nedelchev
Engineering by Kostadin Andonov & Todor Nedelchev
Mastering by Mike Kalajian @ Rogue Planet Mastering
Video directed by: Antonia Glaskova, Sofia Zasheva & smallman
Director of Photography: Antonia Glaskova, Sofia Zasheva
Executive Producer: smallman
Assistants: Simeon Yosifov, Stanislava Spasova, Andon Trapkov (smallman)
Behind the scenes
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