I am a freelance retoucher with over 10 years of experience in visual arts. I have experience as an assistant photographer, in art direction and make-up. I’ve been making visual art for the past 10 years and I gradually discovered post-production and retouching about 6 years ago. 

In retouching I value mostly natural and flexible solutions - my goal is working only the necessary details to help the photographer develop further their concept. Colors and lighting are the most important things in a photograph and not the retoucher’s technical ability, although it’s a crucial element of good time management.

Pop surrealism was one of my first influences. Baroque was my second. I always try to introduce realism with light work and color grading which I mostly learned from photography and retouching. I have found that those two sides of digital art complement each other and help me prioritize when creating an image. 

If you have any questions for me about work, schedules, rates, etc. contact me at sg.zasheva(a)gmail.com